Zoe Allan

The body, in particular movement of the body, has always been a huge interest to Zoe.  As a child, this passion manifested through contemporary dance, providing her with a huge sense of freedom, but also a deep sense of connection to life and her body. Today, she is involved in Pilates, fitness and massage therapy, intent on finding that space within our bodies to feel healthy, strong and alive.

Zoe is a Michael King trained Pilates teacher with a keen eye for correct technique and the small but vital details when it comes to posture and alignment.  
For Zoe, Pilates is the essential component for a healthy and full lifestyle, focusing on strengthening your deep postural muscles to strengthen your 'centre', protect your spine and support your body whilst performing everyday movements as well as executing more dynamic movements.  

With her dedication to a full range fitness programme, Zoe also loves her strength training and has competed in strong women events and would love to do more in the near future.

07710604364 / allanzoe90@gmail.com



12.30-1.30pm  Pilates  £10 drop-in/£48 block of 6

Pilates is a form of training that truly engages 'the core' of the body.  If you want to increase the strength, stability and supportive abilities of the core, with exercises that effectively build the internal stabilisation of the body, then Pilates is an essential addition.  

Open to all, the focus of this class, through a range of exercises both on the mat and standing, will be to enhance your own body awareness so that you can begin to integrate the principals of pilates into your daily life to make lasting habitual postural changes to help reduce pain that may have arisen in your body from imbalances caused by just being alive and living and working - this can only be a good think right!

Whether new to health and fitness or seeking to get to the next level, Pilates is an important addition on your wellness journey.