Lara Speroni

Lara Speroni was introduced to Iyengar yoga in 2000 and from the first inspiring class she never looked back! Today she cannot imagine her life without the practice of yoga.

Lara gained the UK Iyengar yoga teaching certificate in 2007 and she now holds the Intermediate Junior 3 certificate. She practices daily, attends weekly classes and continuously studies with Senior Iyengar teachers in the UK and India. The yoga journey is never ending and forever challenging, interesting and stimulating.

Lara firmly believes that Iyengar yoga is for everyone, it helps everyone on their own individual path towards physical and mental wellbeing. It supports and complements every daily living activity. /



7.45-8.45pm   Iyengar Yoga   £10 drop in/£95 for 10 classes booked in advance

The class is open to all, but especially to beginners in yoga.

You will be practicing mainly standing poses and this will improve your body’s stamina, strength and flexibility.  Every week you will be guided through specific sequences via clear and detailed instructions aimed at helping you to practice yoga safely as well as according to your needs. Poses can be held for some time and the required precision in their execution will call for your full attention. This aspect of the Iyengar yoga practice will, over time, increase your ability to focus and concentrate.

Expect the class to be challenging but also refreshing for the body and the mind.