Jane Altree

Jane has spent the last 20 years supporting and guiding families. Experience has led her to believe all families are individual, only by combining the theory with family situations do you find the solution.

Using her knowledge of health and wellbeing, child development and Maternity care, she has created nurturing classes, for mums and babies.

07762 742668 / altree.rose@gmail.com 


Mondays (from 2nd September)

7.00-8.00pm  Relax and Grow - a 6 week course 
£15 per class, £10 per class when booked in a block

Carve an hour out of your week to relax and learn some tips and tricks for living with a new-born.
Exploring your birth plan and preparing for the big day is important. But what happens when you both come home?
I know from my experience as a maternity nurse and parent, one routine doesn’t work for all families.

Within our small group, you will have the opportunity to discuss different ideas and methods of parenting. Some of the topics we may focus on:
Sleep: how to survive, routines, safe sleeping
Bathing: mastering holding a slippery, wiggly baby and having fun
Nappies: different types of nappies available, what to do with a poo explosion, what happens when your baby doesn’t poo.
Feeding: making sure you are eating the right foods for your body, how often should your baby be feeding, tongue tie, reflux
Relationships: Your changing Identity, how your partner can fully support you, Keeping grandparents under control.

I know from my many years of experience there isn’t a one rule fits all. Therefore I ask you to keep an open mind, listen respectfully to others views and between us, you may find the golden routine which will work for you and your family.

Following our discussions, we dim the lights, get comfy, ready to show you and your baby some love. As we breathe and relax, calming your body and mind.
A few ways mastering this skill may support you:
·       During your labour and birth
·       Relaxing your body as you and baby master the art of feeding
·       In the early days as your body adjusts to a new sleep pattern.

Our program is not about telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, but giving you the information and tools, to trust your instincts and do what’s right for your family.
The knowledge you will gain from our program will give you the confidence to get it wrong, sometimes and be ready with a different method next time.
You don’t need to get it right 100% of the time to be a perfect mum.