Yoga Family Playground with Claire Saunders

Join us to:
Enhance communications and bonding
Fun for you with the family
Find calm and focus
Play together and be lighthearted!

The cost is £12 for an adult, £6 for a child, and £4 for subsequent family members.
For more info and to book contact Claire on 07881 524900 /

Applied Anatomy to Deepen your Yoga Practice with Emma Lewis

A workshop series to build on the theme of applied anatomy to inform your Yoga practice.

  • Understand how an integrated Musculoskeletal system can help us create space in our body.
  • Increased awareness of the other systems operating in the human body.
  • Appreciation of how a Yoga Practice can influence these systems; with particular focus on the Cardiorespiratory and Nervous system and the Fascial Network.These workshops can be attended as stand-alone sessions, however each workshop with progress and develop from the previous. It is open level and all those interested in movement (yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, body workers, therapists etc) are welcome. Make sure you bring an open mind and your own knowledge and energy to the group.

    Series breakdown:
    07.03.2020 – The Upper Body
    16.05.2020 – The Lower Body
    19.09.2020 – The Hands, Feet and Head
    07.11.2020 – Integration of Systems

    Emma is an experienced physiotherapist with a passion for anatomy and a Yoga teacher intrigued by meaningful movement. Want to learn more … come and join her for discussions, practice and reflection.

    Cost: £35 per workshop or £120 for the full series. Special early bird price of £110 for the full series if booked before 17th February.
    For more info and to book, contact Emma: / 07738474744 or FB/insta @fyndyourself

Breathe to Heal, a transformative breathing workshop with Louise Bartlett

Breathing is something we all know how to do. And yet, the majority of adults (and teenagers) forget about their natural ability to breathe fully. This has a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Breathe to Heal is a 2-hour workshop that incorporates well-being exercises, breath-work, and breath-based movement to generate personal health and growth.

Cost: £25
For more info and to book see Louise’s website