David Little

David Little


David was so taken with his first experience of a gong bath he started attending them regularly and trained as a gong practitioner with Selma Studer of Gong studios. David is a former percussionist and amateur musician with a keen interest in the power of sound to alter mood and consciousness – as well as having a mindfulness meditation practice for a number of years.

davidlittlegong@gmail.com / www.davidlittlegong.co.uk



12.00-12.45pm Relaxing Gong Bath £8 drop-in

Unwind and refresh your mind and body with a relaxing gong bath. All that is required is to lie on a mat – or sit in a chair if preferred – and immerse yourself in the sound and vibrations of the gong. This 45 minute session is designed to relax and recharge you ready for the weekend.

Please note that gong baths are not recommended for women in their first trimester of pregnancy, those with a pacemaker or anyone with epilepsy.