David Little

David was so taken with his first experience of a gong bath he started attending them regularly and trained as a gong practitioner with Selma Studer of Gong studios. David is a former percussionist and amateur musician with a keen interest in the power of sound to alter mood and consciousness - as well as having a mindfulness meditation practice for a number of years.



Fridays (11th October - 15th November)

11.45-12.15pm  30-minute Gong Bath  £5 drop-in
(11th October Gong Bath is free)

A gong bath is an opportunity to refresh your mind and body. Little effort is required - participants lie on mats (or sit in a chair if that is more comfortable) and hear and feel the sound and physical vibrations generated by the gong. Although there is no single way to experience a gong bath, many attendees report feeling relaxed and revitalised after.