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The entrance to Beckenham Place Park is on Beckenham Hill Road opposite St Augustines Church (SE6 3PU) and Beckenham Hill train station. Take this entrance and walk/drive along the path which leads directly to The Mansion.

**Parking at The Mansion:  End March - July 2019**

The planned works by Lewisham Council to restore the front of the Mansion to its original state and consequently re-locate the the car park are to begin at the end of March. As the new car park will not be ready until July, In the interim, 69 temporary parking spaces will be made available across various spots in the park - largely along the length of the festooned road through the park and along the Braeside path (where people park on the grass for markets etc.)

In order to keep vehicles free flowing, there will be a one- way system in operation until the new car park opens  - entrance will remain the same, through the main gates on Beckenham Hill Road and the exit will be at the other end of the track road (toward Beckenham Junction station). This will be clearly marked.

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Beckenham Place Mansion
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