Conor O'Sullivan

Conor’s goal is to become as well rounded an athlete as possible. His movement practice blends bodyweight and kettlebell training, mobility work and a wide range of sports. Current focuses include climbing, surfing, running, tag rugby and slacklining. He is always looking for new ways to move and applying what he learns to his teaching.

This interest in movement and the human body has lead him to a career as a physiotherapist, massage therapist and trainer. He has experience in a wide variety of environments from hospitals to premiership football clubs.  

He aims to blend this varied background into fun and engaging classes. Teaching students how to develop a versatile physical skill set and to prepare their bodies to safely reach more of their potential.
The classes are dynamic and include lots of movement, interaction and feedback. They are open to all fitness levels.

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8.00-9.00pm  Functional Movement and Mobility
£12 drop-in / £50 for 5 sessions (valid for 10 weeks)

This class provides a holistic movement practice that will help you to develop a solid foundation to move more safely and effectively.  The goal is to teach you to improve how you move both inside and outside of the class. There is a big emphasis on play and improvisation to ensure the classes are fun and engaging.  

With practice you can expect to feel better connected to your body, with more control over your movement. The exercises are all aimed towards development of functional movement.  All exercises are adaptable, so any fitness levels are welcome to join.  

This is a dynamic class. Expect to be up and moving a lot, but in a relaxed way. People often describe the sessions as a mental workout as much as a physical one.  

Some of the skills you will improve include
•    Gait and functional movement development 

•    Bodyweight strength 

•    Self-myofascial release (using foam rollers & massage balls) 

•    Balance 

•    Mobility 

•    Reaction time 

Those with injuries or limitations should get in contact first to ensure the class will be suitable.