• 3 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

    3 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

    Words by Claire Saunders

    Claire is leading a retreat in Goa 24th February - 3rd March 2019

    1. To learn yoga or go deeper

    With 2 teachers in the room (1 leading, 1 assisting), everyone has the ability to play their edge. As a curious beginner, this retreat is a great way to learn all about yoga. Last year, we had a few beginners and the change in their bodies with twice daily practice was astonishing!   For the more experienced practitioners, there’s the opportunity to explore all the practices of yoga more deeply, whether you want to understand the philosophy or get that pose that has been eluding you!

    2. To feel transformed

    A week in the sun of healthy eating, regular yoga practice and let’s face it, great company is truly transformational.   Hronn and Claire gather around them a truly special group of people, and alone, in a couple, or your own group, you will be at ease and relaxed.   The resort is right on the beach and you can spend your days exploring the local area, or exploring the beach, whichever is your preference!   Your body and your skin will thank you for time you spend relaxing.

    3. You are worth it

    It can feel like a big investment of time and money to spend on yourself. We do try to keep the prices at a reasonable level, especially as this is really an opportunity to give yourself the time and attention that you truly deserve. Your transformation will set you up to appreciate our special ones even more, or maybe help you find the new direction that you crave.