• What is FYND? The face behind #FYNDyourself

    What is FYND? The face behind #FYNDyourself

    Fitness . Yoga . Neurological . Development.

    As a specialist neurological physiotherapist and yoga enthusiast Emma Lewis’s passion for anything and everything ‘movement’ has led her develop FYND. Combining Western science and ideas with Eastern observations and practices, FYND provides a truly holistic and accessible approach to rehabilitation and health promotion.  Emma runs two classes at Studio Kooks on a Sunday, pregnancy yoga and slow flow yoga, but watch out for workshops and events in the new year exploring FYND’s approach; truly accessible activity for all.

    No Judgment. Now Boundaries. No Limits.

    FYND’s website is live (although undergoing continued development) so take a look to find out more about FYND, classes and specialist services.

    Emma has also recently taken to gardening and tendering to her newly acquired allotment so help her out with any tips and look forward to sharing the fruits of her first harvest!