• Connecting through Yoga

    Connecting through Yoga

    Words by Claire Saunders

    If you have ever been in a yoga class for beginners, you probably know that the word “yoga” is often translated as “to yoke” - i.e. to bring together, or to unite.   For me, in my yoga practice and in my classes, this translates as connection.   Connection is essential to us as human beings - we need to be in community with each other to thrive and in our modern world,  it’s so easy to feel disconnected and separate.   Technology and social media appears to give us the means to get connected with each other but in reality creates disconnection.  Have you ever met up with a friend who spent the whole time staring at their phone?   Have you ever been that friend? I know I have!

    In it’s simplest form, yoga enables us to connect more deeply with our breath, which brings our attention to our internal world instead of being pulled out by a screen.  Connecting with our bodies, as we align into shapes and movements on the mat grounds us and brings us back to our essence - the heart.  When we connect breath, body, and heart on the mat, we connect more deeply with the world at large.  Humans are social animals and this connecting with ourselves and each other makes us stronger and more healthy.   In my Anusara class, we connect heart, breath and alignment in a soulful flow that leaves you feeling grounded, connected, and ultimately more free.  In Anusara, the first principle is to Open to Grace - this means that in every pose we check our foundation, take a settling breath to connect with ourselves, then open to something greater than us.  Krishna Das says “Grace brings light to where there is darkness, wakes us from our sleep and moves obstacles from our path”.

    Children are inherently free - they love to move, play and explore what their bodies can do.  On September 10th I’m offering a special Yoga Playground - Family Workshop where you can experience yoga in partnership with your children.  By exploring and playing together, and getting creative on the mat, you can deepen your connection with your child and have fun at the same time.  You can expect a riotous ride of chaos along with ways of exploring breath, affirmations, and sweet togetherness.   Advance booking is essential.  I do hope you will come and join the fun!

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    Claire teaches Anusara Yoga 6.00-7.00pm on Wednesdays